Quality & Food Safety Policy

Company Policy of Noblewood Adriatic: is to be the best company for production of strong spirits:

  • in the area of ecological sustainability;
  • in developing responsible alcohol consumption;
  • in production of high quality and safe products;
  • in creating comfortable and safe working conditions;
  • in the implementation of social programs in the area of culture and art;

providing employees with equal opportunities, regardless of gender and nationality, which constitutes high standards of civilized business in the industry, providing the target consumer with the best offer.

The company builds a responsible business conduct based on the best international practices and standards, including ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000; fulfills the requirements of the law in the process of manufacturing high-quality and safe products, constantly improving the effectiveness of the integrated quality management system (FSMS); develops the image of the company as an attractive employer.


  • opportunity for employees’ self-development;
  • team spirit;
  • commitment to growth and innovation;
  • mutual responsibility and trust;
  • ambition and leadership;

contribute to the establishment of a unique corporate culture focused on the development of internal entrepreneurship and creation of products and services that meet the expectations of potential consumers.

  • Safety – expressed concern for the health and safety of employees, as well as for the protection of personal data and commercial information, the creation of suitable working conditions, the identification and elimination of hazards, the development of the internal culture and attention to others, through the management of risks in production and logistics processes, by controlling critical points.
  • Quality – is achieved in the continuous investment of knowledge, time, effort, and resources in order to create high-quality and safe products, the use of the best raw and processed materials, supplier development, the use of the most advanced technologies and the best world practices.
  • People – are the main resource and driver of the company’s growth, made up of a team of professionals, constantly improving the level of knowledge, providing opportunities for personal development, and increasing expertise through mentoring, training, and competence development, building long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders.
  • Efficacy – is formed in the pursuit of growth and innovation, by improving the quality of business and production processes, taking as the basis the requirements of the management system, advanced technologies, and standards adopted in the company. We increase the efficiency of the processes by managing risks, reducing losses, introducing elements of lean production, and optimizing resources.

The management of Noblewood Adriatic assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of the integrated quality and food safety management system, is a leader in the application of the principles of this Policy, ensures the availability of resources to achieve its goals, and guarantees the development of employees’ awareness of this Policy.


Executive Director

Vitalii Enin

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