Super-premium spirits

A Journey

From total purity to sheer passion

  • Pure ingredients.
  • Iconic brands.
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Our Story

Every single drop embarks on an extraordinary journey: Field-To-Table. Only the finest organic Baltic grain and the purest deep spring water find their way into our own distillery in Latvia, where we meticulously craft the highest quality organic grain neutral spirit. This serves as the essential foundation for each of our super-premium brands, originating at our headquarters in Montenegro. Exceptional quality underpins the impeccable taste and reputation of all our iconic products as they grace discerning locations worldwide.




The source of natural beauty, perfectly consistent distillation.


Our Mission

Mastering perfection, crafting memorable, iconic brands...

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ProvenanceAnd Production

From the crisp, cold Baltic to the vibrant Adriatic, then out into the world

Global Footprint

From our headquarters in Montenegro, we connect our iconic brands to the discerning drinkers, passionate connoisseurs, and creative mixologists, in bars, restaurants, hotels and homes across the globe...
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