Noblewood Group is a privately owned production and global distribution business of super-premium spirits headquartered in Montenegro.

In 2022, Noblewood group has acquired the global intellectual property rights (excluding Russia) for the Beluga brand from Beluga Group. The company operates a distillery in Latvia, where it sources organic spirit for Beluga vodka, and a production site located in Montenegro. The group is incorporated and held by EU citizens and tax residents; all taxes owed by Noblewood Group are duly remitted to the respective countries of Latvia and Montenegro.

The sales and marketing offices of the company are located in Montenegro, the United States, United Arab Emirates and Cyprus.

In order to uphold the superior quality of its products, Noblewood procures technical supplies required for production and bottling from various countries across Europe, including France and Italy. In addition to its flagship brand, the company is gearing up to launch a series of super-premium spirits from other market categories by the year 2024.

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